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Pearl Pool is the local expert for pool tile in Collier and Charlotte Counties.

Serving Fort Myers and the surrounding communities, Pearl Pools has been tiling pools since 1984. When you have a Pearl pool, you can rest easy knowing your project is in the trusted hands of local experts.

Why You Need Pool Tile

Swimming pool tiles are an important consideration when designing a new pool or renovating and remodeling an existing one. They define the space between the pool coping and waterline and serve a purpose for both aesthetics and maintenance. The tile follows the perimeter of the pool and helps prevent pollen, body oils, sunscreen, and other substances that enter the water from creating a scummy, yellowed-color build-up at the waterline. It’s much easier to clean tile versus scrubbing plaster.

Types of Tile

Whether you want your tile to be a fine accent or be simple and understated, there are a number of ways to mix and match your finish.

Pool tile is manufactured to stand up to sunlight, temperature changes, being in the water, and contact with pool chemicals; therefore, not all tiles can be used in a swimming pool. But there are still several options in pool tile, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Glass
  • Mosaic
  • Brick

The two most common types of pool waterline tile are porcelain and glass–both offered by Pearl Pools. Porcelain tile is dense, durable, and easy to clean. Glass tile is a trendier option and lends itself to a more luxurious and visually appealing feel. As mentioned above, there are other options too. The experts at Pearl Pools will chat with you about the specifics of your project at your free consultation.

The Aesthetic Impact of Pool Tile

Once you’ve selected your tile, you must also consider the size of the tile. They vary in size from 1″ x 1″ to the standard size of 6″ x 6″. Color is a factor in choosing pool tile. Part of the tile is normally submerged in the water, so the other part can have a powerful impact on the overall appearance of your pool. Many homeowners select tiles that compliment other parts of their pool, including the coping and pool deck surface. And others want the tile to be a “show-stopper.”

Your options for pool tile can be overwhelming. With the assistance of a Pearl Pool knowledgeable team member, your pool tiling project can be exciting. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’d love to learn more about your swimming pool tiling project and work with you to make your pool your backyard oasis.

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