Classic, minimal, and budget-friendly. Pool plaster is the final coating applied to the shell of a concrete in-ground pool. It’s come a long way since the traditional white-sand texture, now with multiple colors that create the distinct effect of tinting the pool water’s color. Our pool plaster finishes can give your pool the look you desire without breaking the bank.

Water color

Water color has a major impact on the overall look of your pool. Your choice of plaster will make the biggest difference, but the depth of the pool, the amount of sun it gets, and water chemistry will change its appearance.

Water color is a spectrum running from brilliant blue to a greenish tint, with the addition of blak bottoms that give it a unique look. You can filter our plasters by any of the following colors:


Aqua Green


Black Bottoms


Size and Depth
The deeper the pool the more refraction and the richer and darker the water color. You can see this phenomenon as you look out into the ocean. The shallow water is light and almost clear, but off in the distance the water will appear to be much darker.

Surrounding Materials
The hardscape and the foliage around a pool will affect the water color. Red and gold toned hardscape materials near the pool, as well as a large amount of green shrubbery, trees and lawns can change a normally blue hue to more of an aquamarine.

Full sun on the pool refracts more light and shows off the pool water color. Cloudy days, early mornings and evenings or times when the pool is shaded by trees or structures the pool water will appear more clear.

Water Chemistry
Water balance could distort the typical hue of a pool finish and some pools on well water with a high metal content will cast a green hue. If your pool water suddenly turns a different hue you may want to check your pool water and see if it is in balance.

Color at a Distance vs Close-up
Determine which is more important to you. Some of the most beautiful water colors use grey pigment to color the cement, even though the water color is a stunning blue from a distance some people don’t like the grey finish of the steps and shallow end standing at the side of the pool.

Consider the Pool Setting
Do you want the pool to pop or blend into the scenery? A vibrant tone will make it stand out while a more natural or subdued color can make it feel more natural and blend into the surrounding landscape.