Care & Warranty

Plaster Care

After the interior pool finish has been applied, it is important to allow the plaster to cure properly:

  1. It is critical not to stop the water from filling the pool until it is COVERING THE BOTTOM HALF OF THE WATERLINE TILE.
  2. After the pool is full, place the hose in the bottom of the spa until full. Do not use “fill line” or “auto fill” to fill.
  3. Ensure the water source is not connected to a softener or a well. Either one of these could damage your new pool finish.

Treat the water and balance your pool’s chemistry. We HIGHLY recommend hiring a professional after the renovation to balance your pool chemistry and to help take care of your pool. However, we can provide step-by-step instructions for any pool owner that wants to take care of the pool themselves.

Here is some information from each manufacturer on plaster care:

WetEdge startup instructions

NPC startup instructions


Your new plaster is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. You can find information on their websites:

WetEdge’s Warranty

SGM’s Warranty