About Us

How do you transform your home into your private vacation? That’s the driving question that motivates us every day. Maybe it’s a little refreshment after a hard day at work, or it’s some weekend relaxation in a lounge chair while reading a book poolside. However you enjoy your time off, your time next to the water should feel valuable and revitalizing. We believe every moment you lay eyes on your pool should bring you some instant peace and pleasure.

Pearl Pools began as a goal to ensure everyone gets the maximum enjoyment out of their swimming pool for years to come. From our humble beginnings in 1984, we’ve become leaders of the pool industry having worked on over 20,000 pools to date and we are still growing! 

On each job, our experienced and qualified crews work to exceed your expectations for quality & excellent customer service. Whether you enjoy swimming in your backyard pool, or with friends and family at your community pool, we treat each pool like it was our very own.

Pearl Pools
The Pearl people know a lot about the approach and what to watch out for. A lot of care being taken to make sure the plaster cures properly and the finish is as intended. Be sure you understand what you’re getting into. Pearl seems to be among the more qualified and also did a very nice job replacing all of the trim tile, and adding new travertine around the perimeter.

Bob Bauer