Pool Coping for Builders, Property Owners and Managers

In commercial applications, the most commonly used product is precast coping with a raised safety grip edge, a feature that is required in most jurisdictions. Although it can be colored or finished with a terrazzo veneer, white is the most common finish

Many commercial properties are now turning to brick safety grip, which also meets code requirements in most jurisdictions. Like precast coping, it is offered variety of standard color choices. Brick coping can offer a more dramatic effect than white precast.

We offer a complete line of the latest and most fashionable designs of premium granite, travertine and slate coping. Whatever your needs, we can supply you with the products to give you the beautiful swimming pool you desire.

Classic Pool Tile & Stone

Blue Stone Granite

Brielle Granite

Chamborg Granite

Malaga Granite


Marion Ceramics

Academy Gray

Autumn Leaves



Havana Red

Plantation Red

Sunlit Earth

Federal Stone Industries

AQ 12″ x 24″

AQE 13″ x 24″

DBN 12″ x 24″

DQ 12″ x 24″

DQE 13″ x 24″

DV 12″ x 24″

DX 10″ x 24″

DY 8″ x 24″

QW 11″ x 24″

RS 10″ x 24″

RSE 13″ x 24″

SBN 12″ x 24″

SU-BN 15″ x 24″

SU-NO-BN 14″ x 24″

Artistic Pavers Mfg.

One-Sided Bullnose

One-Sided Bullnose

One-Sided Bullnose

Two-Sided Bullnose

Two-Sided Bullnose

Adjacent Two-Sided Bullnose

Three-Sided Bullnose

Three-Sided Bullnose

Four-Sided Bullnose

Renovation Coping

Pre-Cut Spay Coping

Pre-Cut Spay Coping